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Barrel Drop Taconic Bourbon Foxhound Siren


Sound the Alarm …


There’s something about a fresh barrel drop that makes it feel like a Holiday … or perhaps it’s the Holiday that makes this barrel drop more exciting.  Either way, we’re stoked about today’s release as it’s the first pick of the 2023 season and we’re starting out in style!


Taconic is an awesome distillery just over the state line in Dutchess County New York.  They’ve had a steady stream of delicious offerings since their inception in 2013.  Now in their 10th year it seems like their whiskies are getting better with every batch release.  Our pick comes from their coveted mash bill of 70% Corn, 25% Rye and 5% Malted Barley.   Barreled on 5-1-2018 and bottled just shy of it’s 5th year on 3-21-2023, this corn forward Bourbon slumbered away in Independent Stave Company’s brand new American Oak barrels.  Charred to level #3 (approx. 35 seconds) to deliver a ‘just right’ level of sweetness while maintaining an understated backdrop of oak. 


When picking through a lineup of stock, Barrel #1062 stood out for a number of reasons including its pure, luscious nose of maple syrup, caramel and vanilla.  The upfront, downright sexy aromas were backed up by so many layers of intricate detail it was a clear cut winner from the first sniff.  Registering a very subtle 117.2*, this is a fantastic sipper with virtually no heat thanks to the hearty core of sweetness.


Taconic’s labels feature Foxhounds because of the breed’s connection to American whiskey making.  Most notably, bootleggers began to use hounds as a scout to protect against Government Agents who would howl when they were close.  Giving the whiskey purveyors of the time a chance to hide their precious stock.  We call this one Foxhound Siren, not to alert of government agents – but rather to call all Bourbon lovers attention to this delicious dram. 

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Taconic Distillery - Single Barrel Bourbon Foxhound Siren (750)
Taconic Distillery - Single Barrel Bourbon Foxhound Siren (750ml)
~ BOTTLE PROS Beautiful amber color with a nose rich of maple syrup, caramel and vanilla notes. Swirls of dried spice, tea leaf and mint layer in neatly into the core of sweetness. The palate is luscious in feel with a supple... Read More
Current price:  $67.99
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